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"Chalk-It-Up" 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk!


(Unlimited players)


Two players will need a lot of chalk to draw arrows.


Two players, the "fugitives," draw arrows to give clues as to where they can be found by the "police," the rest of the players.

How To Play: 

Choose two players to be the fugitives. The rest of the players are the police. The fugitives are given a head start, (2-5 minutes-decide time before playing). At the go the fugitives hide together from the police. As they run to hide, they must mark arrows on the pavement, walls, or trees, to give clues as to where they are going. (Make sure you have permission to mark on walls with chalk.) While the fugitives hide, the police cannot peek. When time's up, the police head out to find the fugitives. The first two police to find the fugitives become the fugitives in the next round of play. The fugitives must use a different color of chalk in the next round of play.

For added fun, play at night using flashlights.

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