The Great Pyramid Race TM
From the book, CHALK-IT-UP.

(For 2-3 Players *** Or 2-3 Teams)

22 Awesome Outdoor Games
Kids Draw With Chalk!

On your driveway or patio, using a piece of chalk, draw a large triangle about 15 feet from the top to the bottom, and 15 feet across the bottom width. Divide into three equal vertical sections. The top section is not divided vertically, see illustration below. Draw an eye at the top of the pyramid.

Players start at the bottom of the pyramid and race to the eye of the pyramid. (Rules below.)

How To Play:
Players determine how they will "climb" the pyramid. Will they, Hop on their left foot? Their right foot? Both feet? Back hop?, etc. At the "GO" players race to the top of the pyramid.

How To Win:
First player to reach the eye of the pyramid is the winner!

Divide players into two to three teams. Players determine how they will "climb" the pyramid. Teams line up at their start positions. First players on each team race to the top of the pyramid, then back to the start to tag off to the next player on their team. First player to reach the eye has the advantage because players may not land on the eye at the same time. The first team to have all their players race to the eye and return to the start position is the winner.

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