The Passion Narrative

Children's Ministry Skits: Crucified, Buried, Resurrected, and Ascended 

SAMPLE our Easter dramas from Act Two, based on Mark 15:19-46; Mark 16:1-20

Easy-to-prepare and no memorization necessary! 

From Lights, Camera, Action--21 Bible Skits based on the Gospel According to Mark. 

Scene 8: Crucified and Buried

Set and Costume Preparation: Bible-time costumes or improvise costumes; crown of thorns; cross (make one or draw one and hang on wall); dice; sign which reads, "The King of the Jews"; long, white strip of cloth or sheet.

Choose Your Actors: Narrator, Jesus, Crowd (one or more actors), Soldier (One or more actors), Simon, Jewish Leader (one or more actors), Joseph and Pilate.

(Based on Mark 15:19-46)

Director: “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Narrator: “After Jesus had been severely beaten and bloodied, they led him away to be crucified.”

Jesus: (struggling to walk with cross, real or pretend, on back)

Crowd: (angrily yelling) "Crucify him! Crucify him! Crucify him!”

Soldier: (to Simon) “Hey you! Carry this man’s cross!”

Simon: “What? Are you talking to me?”

Soldier: “Get over here! Carry this cross!”

Narrator: “So Simon, who was from Cyrene, carried Jesus’ cross to a place called Golgotha, which means skull.” 

(Jesus stands in front of cross with arms outstretched)

Soldier: (to Jesus) “Here, drink this wine.”

Narrator: “But Jesus refused it.” 

Soldier: “Hey, let’s play a game of dice to see who wins the king’s clothes! If I throw a two, I win!”

(soldiers cheer and throw dice to see who wins)

(End of sample)

Scene 9: Resurrected and Ascended

Set and Costume Preparation: Bible-time costumes or improvise costumes. Optional: draw tomb with stone rolled away on background scene.

Choose Your Actors: Narrator, Jesus, Salome, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Angel, Disciple (one or more actors) and Peter.

Director: Lights, Camera, Action!

Narrator: All of Jesus' followers were devastated by his death and were deeply mourning their loss. Then, three days later, just after sunrise, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome brought spices to anoint Jesus' body.

Salome: How will we ever roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?

Mary Magdalene: We'll figure out something when we get there.

Mary, mother of James: Yes, we must anoint his body.

Salome: We loved him so much!

Mary Magdalene: Look! The stone has been rolled away!

Mary, mother of James: Let's go inside.

Salome: (stuttering, frightened) Who, who, who are you?

Angel: Don't be surprised. . . .  (End of sample)

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