by Judy Howard

See You Later Alligator!

Equipment: 4-5 different colored bandanas, 5 hula hoops

How to Play: To begin, select 4-5 students to be the "game wardens" (give them the bandanas so all will know who they are). Place the 5 hoops randomly around the gym. The rest of the students are the alligators. 

On "GO", the alligators run to keep from being tagged; the game wardens run to tag the alligators. If an alligator is tagged, the game warden and alligator switch roles (give bandana to new warden). The alligators are safe when in a hoop, but only 1 alligator is allowed in the hoop at a time. If you're in the hoop, I must say "See you later alligator" so I can enter the hoop and you must leave. This game can go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Great cardio workout!!!! 

FYI: I use the Hampster Dance music for Scatter Square Dance and the kids love it!

Copyright 2001 Judy Howard