Play Hopscotch



Object: Players hop from base #1 to base #10, and back again.

Unlimited amount of players. 

Equipment: Hopscotch court, markers for each player. (A Hopscotch court is made up of 10 connecting boxes or bases. The boxes should be about about 18 x 24" in size. Begin by drawing box #1. Draw two boxes over top of box 1, numbering them # 2 and # 3. Proceed up from there with box 4,  then 5 and 6 on top, then 7, and 8 and 9 on top, and finally box #10.) The rules for Hopscotch and other classic chalk games can be found in "Chalk-It-Up!"

How To Play:

Each player chooses a marker, (a small stone or bean bag). The first player tosses their marker onto base 1. Player hops over base 1 and lands onto bases 2 and 3 with one foot on each base, making sure not to step into base 1. Player then jumps onto base 4 on one foot, then into bases 5 and 6 with one foot on each base. The player then hops onto base 7 on one foot, then bases 8 and 9 with one foot on each base. Player proceeds onto base 10 on one foot and turns around balancing on the same foot. Player returns in reverse order to bases 2 and 3, bends forward to collect their stone from base 1, then jumps over base 1 and off the Hopscotch court. The player then tosses their stone onto base 2 and continues their turn, unless they miss, in which case the next player takes their turn. Players begin each subsequent  turn where they left off. Players never jump onto the base where their stone has been tossed. The game continues like this with players advancing one base each time, then reaching base 10 and returning successfully in reverse order to base #1. (When a player has tossed to base 10, they hop to bases 8 and 9, bend forward to collect their stone from base 10, and return in reverse order.) 

If a player throws their marker on a line, it is the next player's turn. If a player hops on a line, that player's turn is over, next player takes their turn. 

How To Win: The first player to successfully land their markers into each base, and hop according to the directions, is the winner!

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