Computer Bugs
by Judy Howard



Grade level: K-6

Equipment: 1 small, plastic crate; 20-25 poly spots; 40+ bean bags.

Skills: Teamwork, underhand throw, counting, strategy.

How To Play:
Crate represents "computer"; poly spots represent "computer bugs"; bean bags represent "computer chips"; students represent "computer nerds".

Place "computer" in center of play area; place "bugs" around "computer" (some are placed very close and others are placed faraway). "Chips" are given to each "nerd". "Nerds" are divided into 4+ teams (lined up around four corners of "computer", but approximately 20 feet away from "computer").

On "GO", the first "nerd" from each team runs to stand on a "bug" and throws their "chip" into "computer". If the "chip" lands in the "computer", the "nerd" takes the "bug" back to their team; if the "chip" doesn't land in the "computer", the "nerd" picks up their "chip" and goes to the end of their team line. Then the second "nerd" goes, and so on. When all "bugs" have been eliminated, the teams count their "bugs" (1 point each) to see which team has the most (this team has saved the "computer" from crashing).

Variation: Place a few poly spots that are star-shaped (represents a different kind of computer bug) really far from the "computer". These are worth 5 points. This enables the teams to use strategy to win the most points. 

Copyright 2001 Judy Howard  

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