Grade level: 3rd grade and up- 4+ players

Object: Players attempt to remain in square #1 the longest!

Equipment: 1 Playground ball, 4-Square Court. (A standard 4-Square court is 8' x 8' and may be drawn using chalk or painted onto your playing surface. It consists of an eight foot square evenly divided vertically and horizontally, thus creating four squares. The four squares are then numbered. Upper left is court #1, upper right is court #2, lower right is court #3, and lower left is court #4.)

How To Play:

The first four players begin by standing inside one of the 4 squares. Player in court #1 
serves the ball into any of the other 3 courts. That player returns the ball back to any court. Play proceeds like this until a player allows a ball to bounce twice in their court, hits the ball out of the court, hits a line, spikes the ball, or is unable to successfully return the ball to another court. If this occurs, that player rotates out of the game, either by going to the end of the wait line or to court #4 if there are only four players. The other players in the game rotate up to the empty space. (Player on court #4 moves to 3, 3 to 2, and 2 to 1.) If there are more than four players, the first waiting player enters at court #4.  

Every new round is served by the player in court #1.

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