Chrismon Snowflakes-TM

It brings me great pleasure to offer you one of my original Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments entitled, "STAR WITHIN A STAR".

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Print out this page. Using a small sharp pointed scissors, cut out the large square pattern, below. With design facing up, fold the square pattern in half, then in quarters. Cut along the gray lines. Carefully cut out the gray shaded areas. Unfold carefully. There will be an inner design and an outer design. With pattern lines facing away, push the inner design away from you and press the folds to conform. Now pull the outer design towards you and press the folds to conform. This will give your ornament it's three dimensional look! You can spray it with a white pearlescent spray to make it more durable. Or, gold leaf it for a unique effect! Spray coat with a clear coat when completed. I hope you enjoy making it! Kind regards, Sarah Keith.

Copyright 1993 S.A. Keith - All Rights Reserved. www.CreativeImaginations.NET

The "Star Within A Star" pattern is for individual, or classroom use. It is not to be sold, or distributed, without the written consent of Sarah A. Keith.

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